What do you get when you put together creative fashion designers, international dignitaries,

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local representatives from the government of Canada, and photographers taking pictures of

models in stunning cultural themed clothes? The International Humanitarian Fashion

Week under the patrongae of the Canadian Commission for UNESCO!


As an agency of the United Nations, UNESCO and its national commissions have been

promoting collaboration for cultural diversity and national heritage for over 70 years.

While this year marks the launch of the very first International Humanitarian Fashion Week,

UNESCO has been linked to fashion projects in the past from London to Bangladesh. Jana and

Emilia are proud to be one of the 7 designers coming to the show on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on

September 10th, 2016. New looks will include African styles that make women feel beautiful

about themselves in luxurious fabrics and silk. Pieces have been designed for everyday use and

are ready-to-wear. Jana and Emilia hope to raise interest in the new cultural collection under the

patronage of the Canadian Commission for UNESCO.


The pair of local Ottawa designers have produced for shows at Ottawa Fashion Week held at

various venues in Ottawa as well as events at embassies and special diplomatic functions.

Known for their talent and experience Jana and Emilia produce exceptional quality

dresses, jackets, suits and elegant gowns for all occasions and clients. Having a dinner with the

Queen, meeting with the Prime Minister or just getting married? These designers know how to

make clients dress their best for those most important events. Designs are created at their

studios in Kanata where they have been working for over 30 combined years.


Check out the latest Jana and Emilia fashion collection when it unfolds to the public after the

September 10th, 2016 International Humanitarian Fashion Week under the patronage of

the Canadian Commission for UNESCO..


Written by: Kia Kordestani on September 1st, 2016

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 Sneak preview, model from Angie's Models and Talent Inc.