Jana & Emilia: Styles for both the creative and the conventional man


After years of producing high quality, custom-made garments for women, men can now also wear Jana & Emilia designs!

With a balance of bright, daring styles and custom-made, Italian-tailored suits, Jana & Emilia’s menswear collection has something for both the creative type and the more conventional man. Each piece is constructed with European textiles and all-natural fibres including silks, cotton, leather, linen and wool.

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Jana & Emilia pieces are made to measure. Perfect for the man who is particular about the look, feel and style of his outfits, Jana & Emilia design to suit individual preferences, styles, and body traits.

Holiday gift idea: Give the man on your shopping list a $140 gift certificate from Jana & Emilia. This covers the cost of a shirt, custom-made with the input of the client himself – from the monogram to the cuff and the collar. He can even choose the fabric and color scheme himself.

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For more information, or to place a custom order, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Photos: courtesy of Anatoli Sviajine, Neil Robertson, Jana & Emilia Fashion