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News - Jana and Emilia Fashion Design Studio

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Creative photo shoots

Until the weather turns very cold - what could be every moment ( in this time of the year nothing is granted!!), we went outdoor to make some more nice picures. Those fantastic fall colours inspired me to design an outfit which we have shooted outside Ottawa, in the fantastic surroundings of Ottawa Valley. Our model - Marianne (Angie's Models) became a Harvest Goddess for the day. She did a fantastic job together with a great make up artist Tracey Lahey and a charming hair stylist Vanessa Passley (from Julien Marc Salon). All pictures were taken by Eric Mercier - fabulous fotographer and visual artist. We all had a great time and I think it shows on the pictures!



Rogers TV Interview

On one cold February day, TL Rader from Rogers Daytime came to see me at the Richard Robinson Academy of Fashion Design, where I teach. We talked about teaching, designing, and about haute couture. Haute couture that has no limits, that gives us a feeling of luxury and allows us to dream. Here is the interview together with a video from my fashion runway presentation during Ottawa Fashion Week vol II where I showcased my collection for Spring/Summer 2009.

Little Japanese girl in me...

Sunday, June 7th 2009,  I had another great opportunity to work with a very professional team consisting of  Ottawa photographer Richard Gibbs, make up artist Tracy Gifford- Lahey and our beautiful model Jessica NL. We went to shoot some of my summer designs - dresses. Despite we were not lucky with the weather, our creative spirit hasn't been disturbed with that little rain! I think the result are fantastic - cheerful, colorful and flattering airy dresses - we all can use a little inspiration for upcoming summer season! Enjoy!

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Medieval in 21. century

Last Wednesday, June 3rd, after a long time of designing and planning, we (photographer Eric Mercier and I) had finally a chance to put our effort in another photoshoot. The goal was to design an outfit with a medieval touch but still wearable (with a proper styling) in 21st century.
Our model Christianna did a great job with posing, she is a natural flawless beauty! Despite recent highs and lows in weather we enjoyed a wonderful day outdoors, in one of Ottawa's parks. Hope you will like the pictures!

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Angie's Showcase 2009 - celebrating 10 years in business!

On Saturday, May 30th, 2009, I was a part of 10th Annual Angie's Showcase ( . It was a heart-warming celebration of beautiful models and all the other talented people from Angie's Modelling and Talent Agency. Angie, the owner of the agency and a charming host of the event, beautifuly dressed and with an encouraging smile, as always, presented her models and talents to hundreds of attendees and VIP guests.

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