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News - Jana and Emilia Fashion Design Studio

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Fashion that lasts

Fashion That Lasts

Have you heard about slow fashion?

Presented to overwhelming amount of fashion trends, we are pushed by chain-stores to buy a new wardrobe every season. New trends are available for a cheap price, so we can buy more. Who would resist and why, if we can afford it? However, the low price reflects a poor quality, or an ill fit, many times. Your favorite shirt is at the end of its life, after just one season. But mass-manufacturing allows you to buy a new one soon! But how many of them never sell and before the new season arrives in stores, they are discarded or end up on a dump? In the U.S., 68 lbs of textiles per person go into the landfill every year.

The tempting price always hides something – usually child labor or environmental damage... Do we really think that the true price for a T-shirt should be only $6? For this price the design has to be developed, the fabric has to be manufactured, then comes the cutting, marking, sewing, marketing, transport, and all people involved to this process have to get paid... somehow.

Nowadays, customers are more concerned about the story behind the particular fashion item – who made that dress for them, how old was the seamstress and how much she got paid for her job.

In these terms, I'd like to point out the styles that won't come out of fashion easily. Call it quality, call it classic – it is something that you will love to wear, season after season, and it will stay with you, flattering your figure for several years without getting you bored of it. As designers, we always liked this idea and basically, we were acting like that for many years already without knowing this movement has a name! Several well-made, good-quality garments served us for a long time and could always be spiced-up by some fresh and hot details or accessories according to the season or our mood.

During the economic crisis, people want to make sure they will receive the best product or service for each cent they spend. The forward-thinking stores started introducing better materials, like wool, cashmere, silk or even a good quality cotton, linen and bamboo. After years of 100% sweaty polyester, this comes as a welcome change.

Seeking for better quality: it's also a reality acknowledged by age – every conscious shopaholic will eventually ripe to a stage of buying less, but wiser. The secret is out; Fashion that lasts is in!

Truly yours,
Jana and Emilia.


Summer 2013

Hello our fashionable friends!

We will be participating in several fashion shows this summer! The first one is July 27th at the NAC, fundraising for Youth Services! We will be showcasing a favourite; red Volcano Collection!

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Spring Fling for a Cause

Jana & Emilia Fashion Design Studio

Invites you to join us at THE LOFT (380 Elgin St, Ottawa)

Sunday, June 23rd, 2013

10am -5pm

"Spring Fling for a Cause"


This is an exclusive fashion event with designers Jana and Emilia. You can select yuour dream dress from the runway, learn the lateest trends on make-up and hair all while enjoying complimentary beverages and snacks throughout your shopping experience!

There will also be an auction with fabulous items and proceeds will go to support the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation.


Admission is free, donation will be accepted.

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My new business partner Emilia Torabi

Let me introduce here my business partner designer Emilia Torabi ( We are in the process of merging our businesses. We started working together two years ago and now we present our line twice a year during the Ottawa Fashion Week ( We designed together the "Panache" collection addressing the stylish business women, then the African-inspired collection "Tubalange" (Show It Off) and recently it was the collection "Coup de Foudre" for FW2012.

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